Online voting system based on blockchain technology

Secure, reliable, easy-to-use online election tool for polls of all levels.

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Totally secure, immutable and anonymous voting

Polys is a blockchain-based voting system that makes voting completely secure and immutable. Voter anonymity is guaranteed by transparent crypto algorithms.

Fast deployment on desktop and mobile voting

Creating a vote with the Polys online voting system is intuitive, easy and fast. No knowledge of programming is required. Voting can be set up on the go using a smartphone or tablet.

Transparent technology

One of the main characteristics of blockchain technology is its transparency. The crypto algorithms that we use on top of it are merely mathematics.

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Check out our explanatory video showing how the Polys blockchain voting platform works.


With Polys creating of votings is intuitive, easy and fast. No knowledge of code and learning needed. Voting can be made on-the-go on mobile phone or tablet.

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What our clients say:

"We saved a huge amount of time – days, even weeks – as well as resources, both human and material by conducting elections through the Polys web-based application."

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