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  • Immutable
  • Transparent
  • Resource-saving

Polys features

  • Immutable and anonymous

    Polys is based on blockchain technology, which makes voting 100% secure and immutable. Voter anonymity is guaranteed by transparent crypto algorithms.

  • Easy to organize, easy to vote

    With Polys, creating a vote is intuitive, easy and fast. No coding knowledge is required. Voting can be conducted on the go on a smartphone or tablet.

  • Transparent and auditable

    One of the main characteristics of blockchain technology is its transparency. The crypto algorithms that we use on top of it are merely mathematics.

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Michael Kollek
Michael Kollek, Crypto Summit
The success was overwhelming. We didn’t expect to have that many people to participate in the voting. This became possible thanks to the easy-to-use voting system. We saved a huge amount of time and resources.


76% voter turnout
10 times quicker than offline elections
1.1K man-hours saved

First blockchain-based online voting system that’s ready for the real world

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