Online voting for student government bodies
Polys helps student councils, unions and associations save time and effort when organizing elections, allowing them to focus on distributing election information to students.
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Optimize your vote with Polys
Polys takes care of everything related to the holding of elections, from notifying students to counting votes.
Save time
With Polys you don't need to print or distribute ballots, manually register participants or count results. Polys does it all for you, meaning organizing a vote is much quicker. You can focus on electioneering and other important things.

"Thanks to Polys we held 22 votes and saved 1,120 man-hours."
— Dmitry Efimov, The student council elections organizer of the Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia
Hold safe and fair elections
Our system works on blockchain technology, the main advantage of which is immutability. This means no one can influence the voting process or manipulate the results. In addition, all votes are completely anonymous — it's impossible to find out who voted for which option.

"Polys is an electronic voting system, which means every voter can be confident their vote is safe and will count."
— Rishat Mazhitov, Participant of Student council elections of Povolzhsky Institute of Management, Saratov, Russia
Increase voter turnout
Students can vote from home or on the go using their own device. And because there's no need to visit a polling station, turnout will increase. Voters can also see directly in the Polys application that their vote has been received and counted.c

"I like how quickly you can find out the result – there's no more need for lots of people counting votes."
 Siraphop Wongaekin, The Student Club Presidential еlection organizer, Mahidol University, Thailand
Run easy-to-implement elections with Polys
Fill in the voting information
Log in to the Organizer panel and fill in the voting information: title and options.
Select date and time
Schedule a vote on a certain date or select an instant start.
Select voting type: traditional or online
For traditional voting, download the file with identification codes and distribute them to the voters. For online voting, upload the voters' email addresses and the system will send them invitations.
Watch the process
Citizens will start voting as soon as they receive invitation letters with links to the vote or tickets with identification codes.
Additional Polys features
Flexible voter identification
We can connect Polys to any system for identifying users, for example, through emails, SMS or ID cards, or we can develop a new system.
Integration with your own site
It's also possible to integrate Polys functionality into your website or application by using the Polys interaction software interface.
Customized to your needs
If you need additional functions, for example, SMS notification of voters, technical support via chat, a new voting method or something else, we are ready to discuss your needs.
Create your online voting for free
With Polys, you can organize a vote of up to 100 voters at no cost.