Aktief Slip Student Association Online Voting
Online voting during the COVID-19 epidemic.
Aktief Slip is a study association for environmental science students at Wageningen University & Research (Netherlands). The goal of the association is to promote student integration at Wageningen by organizing activities where students from different disciplines and years can meet.

Konrad Peckolt Fordal
Commissioner of Internal Affairs
"Polys enabled us to organize an election, even though it had to be done entirely online. The voting system was easy to use, the support quick and helpful."
Student voting during the COVID-19 epidemic
Amid concerns about the spread of COVID-19 and measures to contain the virus, universities around the world ended face-to-face lectures and switched to distance learning. All the work processes of student organizations also moved online. Among the most important events overseen by these organizations are student elections. In such extraordinary conditions, it is especially important to conduct student voting in a reliable and secure way, involving the maximum number of participants. Moreover, the online voting system needs to be clear and simple for all participants in the process.
Online voting to elect the Board of Aktief Slip 2020
Voting took place with authorization by email and lasted one day. All participants in the process appreciated the convenience and security of the Polys system.

In the past, election of the board took place in-person during a general meeting, and votes were counted manually by two volunteers. During online voting, the counting was automatic and the results were available immediately after voting ended.
Approximately 500 students voted
Overall, 469 students elected for four candidates. According to the organizers, participation in the online vote was high because students were not required to be physically present.