Interests of Bulgarians in Moldova
An independent candidate for a parliament of the Republic of Moldova held a vote among his constituents.
The Taraclia region of the Republic of Moldova is the only region of the country where the non-Moldovan population is the overwhelming majority. Most of the inhabitants (66.1%) are ethnic Bulgarians.

Vyacheslav Kunev
Independent candidate for deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova
"Thanks to the Polys system we saved a lot of resources on a fairly small vote (under 100 voters). On a larger scale, the time savings must be truly colossal."
Strengthening and maintaining national identity
The Taraclia region has the status of cultural autonomy and its preservation in its current form so that this status cannot change with any possible administrative and territorial reforms is an important task for the Bulgarian community.
Vote: Should a deputy from the Taraclia region represent the interests of the entire Bulgarian community of the Republic of Moldova?
The vote was conducted by an independent candidate for deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, Vyacheslav Kunev. The vote required a secure, decentralized online tool that could be trusted by voters, with Polys being chosen as the most suitable to meet those requirements.
6-8 man-hours saved
The Polys voting system helped the organizers save 6-8 man-hours. A total of 84 people voted, representing a turnout of 64%.