Large-scale elections in RANEPA

The entire academy voted on the Polys platform, turnout
was 20%.
Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) is one of the largest universities in Russian and Europe. RANEPA has 64 branches and 180,000 students throughout Russia.

Dmitry Chumov
Chairman of the Student Election Commission at RANEPA
"Thanks to the Polys system, we managed to hold the largest elections in the history of student self-government. The reliable and convenient voting format were appreciated by all the students."

The usual preparations for the elections took
few weeks

Preparation for the election of the student council includes several stages: it usually involves manually making ballot papers and sending them to the printer's, collecting several thousand copies and distributing them around the university building. Then it is necessary to find people who are willing to be on the site for two days and take responsibility for the voting process. At the end of the voting process, it is necessary to deliver all the ballots to the student council office and count them manually. The whole process usually takes weeks…

Online Election of a Chairman to the Academy's Student Council

These were to be the largest elections in the history of the student government at RANEPA. For the first time, not only undergraduate but also master's and postgraduate students were able to take part in the voting. The Student Election Commission at RANEPA used the Polys system to ensure voting proceeded as reliably and transparently as possible, and the results were calculated in the shortest possible time.

30 man-hours saved

The voting lasted 12.5 hours; there were 3 candidates and 14,400 voters. As a result, 30 hours were saved on processing the results.