Elections to the European Youth Parliament
in Germany

Voting by Board Members during the COVID-19 pandemic.
The European Youth Parliament in Germany is one of 40 branches of the European Youth Parliament (EYP), a non-profit organization that encourages European youth to actively participate in civic and cultural activities. The European Youth Parliament is run by students on a voluntary basis and does not have a political mandate.

Stefan Näger
Member of the Board, Treasurer
"As a board member (treasurer) and the person who was responsible for the technical aspects of the digital assembly general meeting, it was very nice to know that all the votes would be valid, anonymous, and secure."
Parliament voting during COVID-19 pandemic
The annual voting period to elect the Board and Assembly General Meeting coincided with the coronavirus quarantine measures, so it was impossible to conduct a traditional vote and the decision was taken to vote online. It was important that this first experiment was straightforward, with a voting system that was simple to use but that also met anonymity and security requirements. That's why Polys was chosen.
Online Board elections
Voting lasted one day, with nine candidates selected for eight posts. There were 90 active voters. The organizers sent access codes to voters' email addresses. In order to vote, all they had to do was enter an eight-digit code on their personal devices.

Similar elections in the past had required participants to vote in person, using ballot boxes and paper ballots, which were then counted manually.
1,125 paper ballots saved
The preparation stage for voting took a little longer than usual as this was the first time online voting had been used. However, it was possible to reduce the time spent on the actual voting process because everything took place online and the results were calculated automatically. As a result, the turnout and the total number of votes increased, and 1,125 paper ballots were saved.