Elections of deputies to the Youth Parliament under the Saratov Regional Duma

More than 40,000 voters participated in the elections.
Молодежный парламент при Саратовской областной Думе — общественный, коллегиальный, консультативный, совещательный орган при Саратовской областной Думе по вопросам реализации молодежной политики.

Victoria Belikova
Сhairperson of the youth election commission of the Saratov region
"Thanks to Polys, we simultaneously held votes in more than 45 electoral districts. The use of online voting resulted in a significant increase in young people interested in participating in the project. As well as electing deputies, we held a referendum on the use of online voting based on blockchain technology for future elections at all levels – 83% were in favor."
Time-consuming organization process
In the territory of the Saratov region, there are 47 single-mandate constituencies in municipal districts and 8 single-mandate constituencies in higher education. Usually organizing and holding a traditional vote of this magnitude takes a few weeks from the election commission.
Online elections at 78 polling stations
The election commission launched votes for constituencies on the Polys online voting platform. 78 polling stations were created for the elections, where it was possible to vote both from personal devices and from computers installed in the polling stations. Voters were given special tickets with a link to the vote (in the form of a QR code) and a personal password for authorization. After authorization, a voter could cast their vote for a candidate, while the interim results remained unknown to both the voters and the election commission.
36% average turnout
For the first time in the history of the Youth Election Commission of the Saratov Region, elections were held without the use of paper ballots, but online. The elections lasted 6 hours, including the vote counting stage. The results were announced immediately after the voting. The average turnout was 36%, which is equivalent to 14,931 people.