Scientific conference:
"Elections. Today and tomorrow"
Conference participants voted for the best electoral system.
The scientific conference "Elections. Today and tomorrow" was an event dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Russian electoral system.

Olga Bobrova
Chief of Staff of the Central Election Commission of Russia
"The introduction of online voting at the conference significantly increased the delegate's interest in the event and surprised even experienced chairmen of the regional commissions."
Engaging the audience in a discussion
The event was organized by the Central Election Commission of Russia. The conference addressed the development of Russian electoral legislation and the potential for modern information technologies in the electoral process. To grab the audience's attention and get the conference participants more involved in the discussion, the organizers decided to hold a vote.
Online voting for the best electoral system
Online voting on the Polys platform suited the format of the event perfectly. It helped to concentrate the delegates' attention on one of the main topics of the conference and produced immediate feedback. Conference participants were asked to vote for the best electoral system: traditional, electronic or mixed.
Quick feedback
During the conference accreditation process, all the participants received special tickets with links to the vote, so the process itself was simple and took very little time. 100 people took part in the voting.