Student parliament elections at Lithuanian gymnasium
Online voting due to quarantine.
Rokiskis Juozas Tumas-Vaizgantas gymnasium – comprehensive school in the city of Rokiskis (Lithuania).

Benas Kundelis
Member of Rokiskis Juozas Tumas-Vaizgantas gymnasium's student parliament
"We really liked the Polys online voting system – it's simple, efficient and secure. Online voting saved us a lot of time, and we're considering using it in the next election."
Holding elections during quarantine
The quarantine measures imposed due to the COVID-19 virus meant the educational process in Lithuanian schools had switched to a remote learning model. This made it impossible to hold the regular student council election using paper ballots and the school decided to use the Polys online voting system.
Online student council presidential election
Online voting lasted 10 hours and students voted from their personal devices. Authorization in the system was granted by entering an eight-digit code, after which the students could cast their vote for one of the two candidates.

Previously, organizing an election had been a complicated process. An initiative group of students had to print ballot papers for each student at the gymnasium. Students then had to go to the part of the school where the election was held and be registered. After voting ended, the votes were counted manually and the results announced.
Members of Rokiskis Juozas Tumas-Vaizgantas gymnasium's student parliament
10-12 man-hours saved
Overall, 164 students participated in the election. According to the organizers, about 10-12 man-hours were saved because there was no need to print any paper ballots or independently count votes – and it was more environmentally friendly. Participation among the students was higher than usual because they didn't have to go to the polling station, and casting their vote took no more than a minute.