Elections at University of Tyumen
Voting was held in seven institutes of the university to elect a chairperson to the council of students.
The University of Tyumen is one of the largest scientific and educational complexes in Russia. It consists of 13 institutes 2,000 teaching staff and 27,000 students.

Artem Beryozkin
Chairman of the Joint Council of Students of the University of Tyumen
"Organizing elections via Polys only took a few minutes! We saved a huge amount of time and were able to focus on informing students about the elections."
Organization of elections took time
Prior to using the Polys system, a lot of time and money was spent on the organization and logistics of traditional elections. The Electoral Commission had to print out and stamp the ballot papers, distribute them to the polling stations, train election staff and manually count the votes. On average, this took three days and involved 20-25 people.
Online Student Elections
Two rounds of voting were held in seven institutes of the university to elect chairpersons to the council of students.

For the first round of voting, authorization on the Polys system was via email and some students had difficulty accessing corporate mail. The second round of elections solved those problems, with an authorization issued via unique codes. To access the election, students had to enter an eight-digit code on their mobile device, after which they could cast their votes.
2,000 people voted
There were 19 candidates and 2,000 voters. The average turnout over the two rounds was 18%.