Voting at Russian Football Union conference
About 160 delegates from across the country took part in online voting.
The Russian Football Union (RFU) is an all-Russian public organization whose activities are aimed at the development and popularization of football in Russia. The RFU is the only organization recognized by FIFA and UEFA overseeing the development of football in Russia.

Dmitry Fedorov
Head of the Department of Digital
Technologies RFU
"We consider the use of various modern technologies for the development of football in Russia. The use of the Polys online voting system allowed us to ensure transparent counting of votes and also allowed delegates to make sure that their votes were counted correctly. In the post-coronavirus future, we are considering the prospect of holding in-person and online voting, in which identical transparency will be ensured with simultaneous voting in face-to-face and online formats."
Voting at conferences during COVID-19
Faced with the threat of coronavirus infection, this year's annual RFU conference was held in remote format for the first time. The event included a by-election to the RFU executive committee that also needed to be held online. For the leadership of the RFU, it was important that the online voting system met all the necessary security and transparency requirements – which is why they chose Polys.
Online voting at annual conference
Voting lasted one day. Approximately 160 delegates from all over the country took part, from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka. Participants were able to vote from any device – desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Simultaneously with the voting, a closed online broadcast of the conference was held on YouTube, with the opportunity for delegates to ask their questions in the broadcast chat.

Similar votes in the past took place in person in a conference room, using ballot boxes and paper ballots, which were then counted manually.
Huge savings
Thanks to the remote format of the conference and voting, the organizers didn't have to spend money on renting a conference hall, equipment, flights, accommodation or meals for the participants. In addition, each participant could make sure their vote was accepted and correctly counted by the voting system.