Voting at the XXVII Brazilian Congress of Biomedical Engineering

Voting at one of the main scientific events in Latin America.
The Brazilian Society of Biomedical Engineering (SBEB) is an organization that brings together professionals working in various fields of biomedical engineering.

The Brazilian Congress of Biomedical Engineering is one of the leading scientific events in Latin America's biomedical engineering calendar.

Prof. Dr. Adriano O. Andrade
Federal University of Uberlândia,
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
"The online voting platform is very intuitive and secure. It offers flexible configurations (i.e., single option, multiple-choice, offline and online voting) that were ideal for the specific voting scenarios we had. We highly recommend the use of Polys for organizing virtual elections."

Voting during the COVID-19 pandemic

Due to the ongoing pandemic, all scheduled events in Latin America have moved online. For the first time, the Biomedical Engineering Congress was held remotely and more than 700 people took part. The main problem facing the organizers was how to replace the traditional voting that usually takes place at the congress. After studying the features of the Polys online voting system, however, this complex task became much easier to address.

Online voting at the Brazilian Congress of Biomedical Engineering

Voting took place with authorization via email. Participants were pre-registered in the system and later received individual emails with a link to the various votes. After voting ended, the organizers printed the results in the form of a report directly from the Polys app interface.

Safe online voting

Online voting was made possible by the Polys system. Both the organizers and participants rated the system highly, in particular for its ease of use and safety.