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Crypto Summit 2018

The Crypto Summit is Europe’s premier blockchain and cryptocurrency conference. The Crypto Summit brings together global influences, policymakers, investors and entrepreneurs to lead an open dialog and shape the future of crypto.

The Summit has been an epic and impactful, immersive event with far-reaching international reputation and audience like around 1,300 attendees from across the globe to Zurich, about 10,000 following the event via livestream on YouTube & Facebook. At the conference 23 Startup were pitching their Ideas in order to promote their Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). The Jury — 16 leading entrepreneurs in the blockchain space — had to decide which Pitch did best.



The initial idea was to hand out ballot cards on each attendees’ seat. By planning so, we encountered several problems:

  • Additional staff needed to distribute and collect ballot cards & material
  • Additional preparation time needed
  • Attendees could abuse the voting system
  • Paper-based ballot cards might get lost during collecting process
  • A manual evaluation would be time-costly


Online election with Polys

The Polys voting system perfectly fit all needs:

  • Lightweight concept
  • Easy and quick setup
  • Share & access via Link or QR-Code
  • Live stream views are able to participate from all over the world
  • Blockchain-based voting mechanism: secure, immutable
  • Instant evaluation
  • Perfect fit into blockchain conference


13K people voted
2Polys was a perfect fit into blockchain conference
3Higher level of engagement of the audience


Michael Kollek
Michael Kollek,
Data & Insights Consultant in Smart Valor

We held one vote with Polys and success was overwhelming. We did not expect to have that many people to participate in the voting. This became possible thanks to the easy-to-use voting system. We saved a huge amount of time and resources


Smart Valor is the organizer of the event. It is a blockchain startup from Crypto Valley Zug, Switzerland building a decentralized, community-based marketplace for tokenized alternative investments.

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