Success story

CryptoChicks Hackathon

CryptoChicks is a non-profit organization with a mission to address the gender diversity problem in the blockchain space. The major goal at this event was educating female developers to create decentralized applications on a blockchain and connecting them to potential employers participating in the conference that was running parallel with the hackathon.


Business Track, Developer Track and Audience Choice Award

Elections were held at the Hackathon and included three polls with a total of 25 candidate teams and 500+ voters.


Online elections with Polys

Initially, it was planned for the Business Track and Developer Track polls to be traditional paper-based votes, with participants being asked to complete ballots manually. But the audience was so impressed with the Polys presentation that the decision was made to vote online via email. The organizers admitted that paper-based elections were problematic, requiring preparation of ballots and people to count the votes.

Polys was also used for the third Audience Choice Award poll, which was a Polys public vote. All the attendees took part and were very impressed.


500+People voted
3Elections held
76%Voter turnout


Elena Sinelnikova
Elena Sinelnikova,
Founder of CryptoChicks Educational Hub

We held three votes with Polys — everything went just great! The guests at the event were very impressed, plus we saved a lot of time.