Success story

Ecsite held e-voting using Polys platform

Ecsite, the European network of more than 350 organizations, including science centers, museums, research bodies, festivals, universities, planetariums, as well as foundations and learned societies.


Online voting with Polys

Voting is an essential part of NPOs and allows every members’ opinion to be heard. However, NPOs often find organizing a vote problematic as it is difficult to prepare the required documents or find personnel to manage the process. Whilst e-voting addresses these issues, it cannot assure security and transparency of the process, which are critical when dealing with sensitive topics such as budgeting or selecting a governing body.

As an answer to this, Polys offers a blockchain-based platform which allows online polling without the threat of votes being rigged or manipulation of the results. Due to the decentralized nature of the technology, malefactors can only interfere with the results of a vote by hacking every device that is used during the voting process.


Voting at the Annual General Meeting

At the event, they had to decide on six topics: approval of activity report for 2018, a financial report for 2018, budget for 2019, membership fees for 2020, the election of the President and election of the board of trustees. To streamline the process, the organization held voting on online platform Polys. Ecsite members had to log in with a QR code printed on their badges and vote on using either their personal device or public computers available at the polling station.

In total, 230 members cast their votes. The results were announced immediately after the voting was completed. It saved Ecsite a lot of time during the event and avoided a potentially stressful situation. Previously, the organization had traditionally run elections by undertaking votes through paper ballots, which required at least five team members to count. Other questions were addressed by a show of hands.


People voted
Voting held


Lucie Steigleder,
Administrative and Communications Assistant at Ecsite

It was a big step and a great challenge for our association to go from paper ballots to digital voting for our AGM. With the use of Polys, we were able to make a smooth transition and will now never go back to paper voting.