Success story

First Congress of Public Observers

The first All-Russian Congress of Public Observers was dedicated to innovations and prospects for public observation in Russia.

The organizer of the congress, National Public Monitoring (NPM), is the largest network of independent observers in Russia whose goal is to create a qualitatively new infrastructure to ensure fair and transparent elections.


"The prospects for online elections in Russia"

Voting was held at the event and included 300+ voters.


Online voting with Polys

Holding a traditional vote was impossible because registering participants and collecting and counting ballot papers simply did not suit the format of the event. In addition, a traditional vote would have required considerable effort by the organizers (printing ballot papers, distributing them to participants and then counting the votes) and been an inconvenience for attendees (receiving and filling in ballot papers and going in search of a ballot box).

Online voting on the Polys platform turned out to be the perfect solution for the event. During accreditation, all the participants were given unique codes allowing them to vote, so the process was simple and convenient and only took a few minutes.


1Polys was perfectly suited
for a congress of observers
2Higher level of engagement among audience
372% voter turnout


Vladislav Berezutsky
Vladislav Berezutsky,
Information Technology Coordinator of NPM

Voting online using the Polys blockchain platform was the perfect fit for the concept of a congress dedicated to the use of modern digital technologies in elections, and really emphasized the main theme of the event.