Success story

Saratov State University

Saratov State University is a leading Russian research and educational center and also one of the country’s oldest. SSU consists of 15 faculties, 1,704 teachers and researchers, 26,342 students and 590 postgraduate students.


Election of a Chairman to the Council of Students and Postgraduates

Students voted via the Polys system using personal mobile devices. Students accessed the election by entering an eight-digit code on their mobile device, after which they could cast their vote. A total 1,059 people voted.


Online voting with Polys

Organization of the election, including the voting process and vote counting took just seven hours. Eleven polling stations were set up and were manned by around 30 people. At the same election the previous year, there were three polling stations served by the same number of people. Thanks to Polys, turnout increased by 43% compared to last year.


Polys increased voting efficiency
1,059 people voted
Turnout increased by 43%


Denis Yashin,
Сhairman of the SSU student election commission

We were excited about using the Polys platform for a second time – the first time was for the elections to the Youth Parliament of the Saratov Regional Duma. Polys is very simple to use, and most importantly, there’s no need for ballot boxes, privacy screens, and lots of election commission members to oversee the voting.