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Before you begin using Polys Web Site (hereinafter “Web Site”), carefully review the conditions set forth in this agreement.

Rightholder (owner of all rights, whether exclusive or otherwise to the Web Site) means AO Kaspersky Lab.

Use of the Web Site indicates your unconditional acceptance of these Terms of Use. The Rightholder reserves the right to change these Terms of Use and modify the Web Site or its functionality without prior notification, at any time, and at its own discretion.

Continued use of the Web Site after changes have been made indicates your acceptance of the changes. If you do not accept all of the Web Site's Terms of Use, you should not use the Web Site.

Intellectual property rights

The Rightholder is the owner of all rights to the Web Site, including both exclusive rights and other applicable types of rights. The Rightholder has all necessary rights, including intellectual property rights, and licenses to publish materials and information on the Web Site, including but not limited to textual, graphic, photographic, video, and audio materials and software, regardless of type (hereinafter collectively “Content”). This agreement does not give you any rights to use intellectual property, including the trademarks and service marks of the Rightholder, except the rights granted to you by the Rightholder

General terms

  1. The Rightholder grants you the right to use the Web Site and view its Content without charge within the scope of the functionality described in the Help, subject to compliance by you with all restrictions and Terms of Use of the Web Site.
  2. The Content of the Web Site is confidential information. Any distribution, publication, or reproduction of the Content of the Web Site not expressly described in these Terms of Use without separate written consent of the Rightholder or authorized person is prohibited, except in cases provided by law.
  3. The Rightholder is not liable for risks associated with your use of the Web Site, specifically risks associated with technical limitations in the operation of the Web Site, software errors in the Web Site, or possible inaccessibility of the Web Site.
  4. To use the functionality of the Web Site you need to create an account on the web site using an active e-mail address or mobile phone number.
  5. By creating and uploading information on the Web Site, you conform and agree that you are the legal owner or authorized person of the information provided by you, you do not violate the rights of the third parties, and you have the right to send this information for further processing and publication on the Web Site.
  6. If the uploaded information on the Web Site contains third-party personal data, then by uploading information you confirm that you have permission from these third parties to upload such data, including the transferring and processing of the personal data by the Web Site for purposes of providing functionality, as specified in Help.
  7. Data transfer to the Rightholder is done via a secure channel. The information provided is protected by the Rightholder in accordance with legal requirements and terms of the Polys service (for more details, see the “Privacy Policy”).

Technical support

Technical support is not provided.


You agree that the Web Site and the Help, including their distinctive design, constitute the confidential private information of the Rightholder. You are prohibited from disclosing, providing, or otherwise making such confidential information available in any form to third parties without the written permission of the Rightholder. You should take appropriate safety measures to protect such confidential information.

Limitation of liability

The content of this web site is provided “as is”, without guarantees and conditions (whether express or implied), including, without limitation, commercial quality, suitability for a particular purpose, or non-infringement of rights of third parties. to the fullest extent allowed by applicable law, in no circumstances shall the rightholder be liable for any loss or harm arising or in any way associated with the use of the content on the web site.

Applicable law

This agreement is governed by the laws of the Russian Federation.

Rightholder Contact Information

This information can be found on the “Contact Information” page.

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