Flexible, secure and fair elections for smart cities

Polys is the perfect online voting system for city governments and citizens.

Urban elections are the main form of citizen participation in the social and political life of a city, as well as an important part of the political system and its legitimacy.


Any elections, whether it’s the approval of a leader for an administrative or state body, requires a high level of transparency, security and citizen participation. At Polys we are serious about the issues of election transparency and fairness and we have developed a solution that will satisfy the needs of city authorities and that will appeal to voters.


Online voting with Polys can be run instantly – there’s no need to waste time and money on paperwork or preparation; instead you can focus on electioneering. In addition, Polys will also take care of notifying participants and counting votes.


Polys is a cutting-edge, transparent and credible blockchain-based voting system. The process of receiving votes is absolutely anonymous and immutable and cannot be rigged.


Polys is a user-friendly web-based app: you can hold a vote and reach a decision in a matter of minutes. Voters can vote on any device, for example, a personal computer, phone or tablet and from anywhere. They don't have to waste time going to a polling station, meaning turnout increases.

Main advantages that Polys guarantees:

  1. Saves time and money
  2. Fast and well thought-out feedback from voters
  3. Increases involvement and turnout

Solution that is capable of solving various problems

Polys allows three different types of voter access — via email, using unique codes, and public voting.


Voters get access to a vote via email. This can be a work or personal email account, or both.

Unique codes

A combination of online and offline voting. For instance, some of your voters can vote online from their personal devices, while other, more conservative, voters can go to a polling station and vote on a public device.

Public vote

For voting in any public setting, meetings, or events.

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