Easy-to-implement elections for students

Polys is the perfect online voting system for student councils and faculty boards.

Universities hold dozens of different elections and polls annually. Various representatives are elected to student councils, associations, trade unions, extracurricular communities and university governing bodies.


Any university election requires a lot of resources, both human and material, to organize the process and maintain an adequate level of security. At Polys we are attentive to the requirements of our university clients and can make the voting process safer, simpler and more effective.

Less routine

Online elections with Polys are created instantly – there’s no need to waste time printing and distributing ballots; instead you can focus on electioneering. In addition, Polys will also take care of notifying voters and counting votes.

More trust

Polys is a cutting-edge, transparent and credible blockchain-based voting system. The process of receiving votes is absolutely anonymous and immutable and cannot be rigged.


Polys is an intuitive web-based app that makes it easy to both hold and cast a vote. Students can vote on the go and from anywhere: they don't have to waste time going to a polling station. All they need to do is follow a link and cast their vote.

Main advantages that Polys guarantees:

  1. Saves time
    and resources
  2. More elections,
    less time
  3. Increases involvement
    and turnout
Ekaterita Korotkova
Ekaterita Korotkova,
Deputy Chairman of the Student Council of the Higher School of Economics
“With Polys holding a vote is fast and easy. No knowledge of coding is required. Voting can be conducted on the go, on a mobile phone or tablet.”
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Embraces all your needs

Polys allows three different types of voter access — via email, using unique codes, and public voting.


Students get access to a vote via email. This can be a student or personal email account, or both.

Unique codes

A combination of online and offline voting. For example, students from the main campus can go to a polling station, while students from other campuses can vote online.

Public vote

For voting in any public setting, meetings, or events.

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